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2018 Stock Sale Update.

Hi all,

Thanks to all for the patience as we are updating the site. We are in the process of updating the list of the 2018 stock that we will have for sale. In the next few days, we will be updating the stock for sale section of the website. This list will to include our 2017 lambs (now as shearlings) and 2018 lambs for sale. Pictured above are some of our current crop of Shearling Rams, each animal for sale will have an individual picture and detailed description of them, including pedigree and EBV data.

We are pleased with how our young stock has developed and outwintered after the challenging conditions of 2017/2018. They’ve not only survived the “beast from the east” but have continued to showcase their robustness and hardiness by thriving in such adverse conditions. We are very happy with how they are looking and only sheep that pass our stringent and rigorous recording system are kept and offered for sale. All of our flock is fully signet recorded, scrapie genotyped and scrapie monitored meaning all stock for sale is eligible for EU livestock export.  We feel we have sheep that can suit both your needs and budget.



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2 thoughts on “2018 Stock Sale Update.”

Hi, are you taking sheep to the Royal Highland Show at Edinburgh in late June 2018? And or attending the Show?


Hi Luis,
Thanks for the question. We will not be going to the Highland Show in 2018, but never say never about 2019. It is a lovely show.