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2019 Lambing.

Hi all,

Its been another tremendously busy lambing period at Maes-Glas and this has been our most successful season yet in terms of lambing percentages and lambing survival. The lambs are growing on like murshrooms and I am very pleased with the confirmation of the lambs, there is a strong presence with a large number of them. This year we introduced two new stock rams to the fold. Dunraven Sam, who I have written about on this blog previously, and also Maes-Glas Pilgrim who was used as a Sweeper this year and we do like the length of his lambs. Length is something that he, and his sire Maes-Glas Projector, had in abundance as lambs.  Dunraven Sam has also done us proud and both he and his lambs are looking well, so fingers crossed for another year of natural service next year.   As people know studying of the bloodlines and attention to detail is something that I have prided myself on and this year we utilised more of Court Appearance with his tremendous skin and wool, in the hope to attain more females, and the long term plan is to re-introduce some of our very old lines via AI on these females.

We also used more of Maes-Glas Gordon this year, realising that he’s not getting any younger and the correctness of his lambs should not be ignored. He is closely related to Maes-Glas Gabriel so traditionally we will use one of these more extensively than the other. This year was the turn of Gordon, but I am sure we will continue to use Gabriel who has been a core stock ram over the year. We also used more of Maes-Glas Miliband this year than for the 2018 season, again genetically he is from our top producing ewe and we like the correctness of his lambs consistently.

Off course the Commander lines was also used and Commander himself continues to impress with his quality, he is some ram. Two of his son’s, Maes-Glas RoyalWelshBoy, the interbreed Ram Lamb Champion of Champions at the Royal Welsh Show, 2015, continues to produced good muscled lambs as is Maes-Glas Basil. We used Chaser a bit more sparingly this year but, like Gabriel, he’s been a core stock ram over the years and I am sure we will re-introduce his qualities in the following years.


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