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History made as Maes-Glas Hampshire downs exported to Spain.

A farmer from Valencia has created history by becoming the first person in Spain to import Hampshire Downs from the UK. Pablo Torres Domingo completed a SIX YEAR dream and selected the Maes-Glas Flock as the source of his venture through purchasing 4 ewe lambs and a shearling ram. Two of the ewe lambs are pictured above.

The Maes-Glas Flock are no strangers to exporting having exported to Romania, The United Arab Emirates, France, Belgium, Ireland and Northern Ireland in recent years as well as exporting Semen to the Nerthelands. The flock have been forced to go through a major reduction, following Barry’s death in March and Barry was very supportive of expanding the exporting of our sheep. Indeed, this order to Spain was part of a 17 sheep export to Europe and we were pleased that Barry was aware of this possibility of achieving this moment of history before his death.

As noted, this is the first time Hampshire Downs from the UK have set foot in Spain and this order has taken months to prepare and Pablo first made contact with us in 2011 with this dream to bring the Hampshire down to Spain. We are delighted that Pablo selected our flock and after seeing the sheep in Spain he said.

“After six years trying to get the dream of bringing my little flock of sheep Hampshire Down blood Maes-Glas, today I have the pleasure to confirm that the first sheep of the existing race in Spain from that flock, and rest in their new home ( Valencia).

“The Dictionary of the Spanish Language defines “Satisfaction” as the “Feeling of well-being or pleasure that one has when a desire has been fulfilled or a need fulfilled”. For me, to bring to Spain, and to enjoy the animals that Mrs. Eirlys Jones has been kind enough to select for me, is precisely a satisfaction, for thus must be defined the feeling of pleasure produced after this dream. You see the LOVE with which these animals have been raised, and I will not reduce them.

The Dictionary defines “Appreciation” as the “Feeling of esteem and recognition that a person has to whom he has done a favor or rendered a service, for which he wishes to correspond”; no word I can think of more appropriate than this to describe my feelings towards seƱora Jones, because I can not but recognize my esteem for the person who, without knowing personally, has turned personally to do everything necessary for me to get that dream . Thank you Mrs. Jones.

Today, tired and excited, I’m sure I’ll sleep like a child, counting sheep, Hampshire Down sheep from Maes-Glas …”

To Pablo, the feeling is mutual. We are so appreciative that you selected our sheep and we look forward to seeing their progress in Spain.

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