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New Stock Ram – Dunraven Sam 16S-08-186

Dunraven Sam is a ram we have followed closely for 10 years, after first seeing him as winning the untrimmed class at the Royal Welsh Show in 2008. We really felt he could add something to our flock and the ram caught the eye of many an esteemed Hampshire Down breeder including Derek and Jean Ritchie, who was the judge that day in the hot summer of 2008.

Owned and exhibited that day by Stirling Manson based in Northern Ireland, Sam was later bought by another breeder in Wales before later enjoying life on a commercial farm, being kept busy as the sole Hampshire on a large commercial enterprise, working on a variety of different dams including Clun Forrest and Welsh Mountain ewes. We had seen these lambs and were very impressed with their shape, but more impressive was the feedback we were having speaking to his owner and the prices they were getting for the cross hampshire down lambs. What also was catching our eye was the ram’s longevity, he was keeping his condition extremely well and full of life and his owner was extremely pleased with his lambing percentage.

When the opportunity came, we knew that this ram needed to be back in a pedigree flock and we could still see how he would bring some benefit to our flock. He still handles extremely well and has a lovely temperament. As I said though, the most important thing was seeing his offspring and his own longevity. We are really looking forward to putting him in with our ewes in July 2018 and seeing what lambs he will produce.

Performance recording wise he has little connectivity, he was not produced by a performance recording flock and his breeding lines has very little from performance recording breeders. Therefore, unsurprisingly his figures are very low. However, there is no doubt that he has performed incredibly well in the commercial sector, both in terms of lambing percentage, lambing mortality rates, killing out percentages and prices at cull. It will be extremely interesting to see how he will perform compared our existing recorded rams.





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