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New Stock Rams for 2018 lambing and beyond.

As a result of our major flock reduction and the sale of some of our old core stock rams. We decided to stock ram register a few new rams, some of whom we used in the summer and others we will use in the future. Here is description of some of the new lines.

57U1500550 – Maes-Glas Pilgrim. We sold Pilgrim’s sire as part of the reduction, but we did not wish to lose the qualities that Maes-Glas Projector brought to our flock. As the highest indexed son of Projector, with an index 35 points higher than his sire, we felt that 57U1500550 was the natural pick to continue that line. He has a lovely length and very correct on his legs with an exceptional top line. The dam of Pilgrim was a highly productive ewe, producing a number of excellent sheep including 57U1414448 who was sold at Kelso Ram Sales. She was also shown extensively and was awarded breed championship at Pembrokeshire County Show as a Lamb in 2009. We are looking forward to seeing lambs from Pilgrim.


57U1600786 – Maes-Glas Dukeson. We have been long wanting to bring back the bloodline of Maes-Glas Duke to our flock, Maes-Glas Dukeson was the highest performing, highest indexed, and most aesthetically pleasing ram lamb produced, via AI, from Maes-Glas Duke. Dukeson was one of the most rigorous lambs with exceptional raw data for growth and an index of 77 points higher than Duke and is the highest indexed ram lamb that Duke has produced. No stranger to the show ring also, Dukeson was part of the 1st prize pair or ram lambs (with Maes-Glas Supreme) at the Royal Bath and West Show, 2016. He handles very well with an excellent hind quarter.


57U1600823 – Maes-Glas Haymaker. We also took the heartbreaking decision to sell Maes-Glas Haystorm as part of our reduction who was such a character, whose produced lengthy lambs for us for a number of years. His longevity was also renowned and we simply needed to keep this line in the flock. Haystorm was not only the final ram lamb produced by Haystorm, he also had the strongest EBV’s with a breed index of 65 points higher than Haystorm. He has an excellent fleece, tremendous length (a real Haystorm trait) and character and was shown extensively in 2016 as a lamb, including being placed 3rd at the Royal Cornwall Show. We can only hope that he will prove to be as successful and last as well as his sire.


57U1600845 – Maes-Glas Supreme. We simply couldn’t resist, Supreme is one of the best handling sheep we have had on the farm, with exceptional growth and vigor. Supreme has been named as such because of his numeous accolades in the showring in 2016. 1st Pair of Ram Lambs Royal Bath and West Show, 1st and Intebreed Supreme Ram Nevern Show, 2016; 1st and Reserve Interbreed Supreme Ram Lamb, Royal Welsh Show 2016 and was part of the historic interbreed Supreme Champion of Champions Pair at the Royal Welsh Show. If his offspring can match his raw data scan score we will be very happy.


57U1600888 РMaes-Glas Oracle (pictured above). One of the stars of the 2017 show season, Maes-Glas Oracle has an index well within the top 25{3eb0ad736e9e4720aec14cdefc5dfea1cbbf72ece838d203e0a2440931676d80} of the breed and has an incredible length and top line. Sired by Maes-Glas Commander and out of one of our most successful show ewes, Oracle has a great temperament  and handles very well. He has excellent raw data scores for growth and was a very vigorous lamb. As noted, Oracle was one of our most successful show shearlings, success include Interbreed Champion of Champions Pontardulais Show 2017, Interbreed Continental and Native Champion Llandeilo Show 2017, Interbreed Champion Ram Fishguard Show, 2017 and was part of the Interbreed Reserve Champion of Champions Pair at the Royal Welsh Show, 2017. We are excited at the lambs that he will produce.


57U1700901 – Maes-Glas Roosevelt. The pick of the 2017 lambs, Roosevelt’s raw data scores for 8 week weights and scan weight was very impressive, with an exceptional weekly live weight gain. In addition his scanning for muscle and fat depth was also very impressive. Sired by Maes-Glas Theodore, out of one of our most successful ewes, we can see so much of Theodore in this ram.¬† Aesthetically, Roosevelt caught our eye from birth with an impressive head, hindquarter and excellent balance. In addition, he has an impressive presence and gait. He was very successful in the show ring in 2017, including Reserve Interbreed Performance Recorded Ram Lamb, Royal Bath and West; 1st Ram Lamb Royal Welsh Show; Section Champion Nevern Show, 2017; 1st Pembrokeshire County Show. We are excited for what the future holds for this ram.



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