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Sales Update – October 2018.

Hi all,


Just a quick update on the sales for 2018, as some might have know we sold the final female we had for sale at the Breed Society Sale in Carlisle. We are both delighted and pleasantly shocked at the response to our major reduction. The feedback we have received as has been very positive and we wish everyone all the best of luck with the ewes. The next females from us that will be for sale will be made available in April 2018.


We still have a selection of quality shearling rams for sale now. We will be taking them to sales around the country. The rams are all performance recorded and there are some high indexed rams still available. These would suit both the commercial flock and pedigree flocks. We have updated the shearling rams for sale page to include information about all the shearling rams we have for sale. Just click on the link below.

Shearling Rams

We are happy to answer any questions about the rams or let people know where we will be taking them.

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