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About The Family

Barry and myself moved with our children Steven, Stuart and Katherine to Maes-Glas Farm, situated near Wolfscastle, Pembrokeshire, in 1993 after living and running a smallholding in Croes-goch since 1975. Farming has always been in my blood as I was raised on a small holding very close to Maes-Glas.

The whole family engaged in an 18 month research into what sheep breed would suit the farm, the management system and my health and unanimously came to the conclusion that the low maintenance, big carcass, Hampshire Down, a breed that can thrive on less favoured land was the outstanding choice for the needs of the farm.

We felt it was critical to have a healthy foundation of good ewes from a single breeder to maintain a uniformity with the breed. The first purchase was seven ewes from Alan Davies’ Solva Flock. Alan was a long established member of the breed society and in 1993 won the best small flock category at the nationwide flock competition. Our starter stock ram was nine year old Dagnall Concorde. The Dagnall flock was founded in 1943 and had a reputation as one of the leading flocks. “Concorde” was one of the last rams with the Dagnall prefix, and in his heyday won many showing classes and also was renowned for producing some fine stock. He was a well-travelled ram having been exported to Belgium and imported back to the United Kingdom. Soon after our initial purchase, we expanded our flock further by purchasing some “Shapwick” ewes and a ram lamb which was sired by “Shapwick” Gerald Jester. The Shapwick flock, was established by James W. Tory and considered one of the founding flocks of the Breed. The Shapwick flock is steeped in tradition, winning no less than 28 Royal Show championships from the 1940’s through to the 1980’s.

This was just the start of our passion for the breed. Over the next 20 years we have been pioneering in breed development. This is explained in more detail in the “Why Maes-Glas Hampshire Down” section of the website. Examples of being pioneers include being involved in the pilot DNA sampling for Genesis Faraday, in addition to being involved in some high profile exporting of females to Abu Dhabi.

We continue to be passionate about the breed and we have enjoyed some great success in the showring over the past two decades as indicated in the show section of the website. We will always champion the Hampshire Down and in 2005 I was elected onto the breed’s society ruling council and I am proud that I have continued to be voted on when I have stood for re-election. Stuart, who is a Doctor of Psychology, has been a long standing member of the breed development committee and both Stuart and I have been elected to be members of the official society judging panel.

It is our belief that the rigorous selection criteria and our detailed performance monitoring and recording, beyond those traits measured via signet EBVs alone, makes the Maes-Glas Hampshire Down the ideal terminal sire for any management system. We just hope that this website can give an indication of the detailed records that we keep about our genetics.

The Maes-Glas flock is currently largest flock of Pedigree Hampshire Down Sheep in Wales and largest fully performance recorded flock in the United Kingdom. The Farmhouse is situated in West Pembrokeshire, between the remote villages of Hayscastle and Welsh Hook and was originally part of the Stone Hall estate. Whilst the farm is picturesque with 7 acres of Woodland, it is considered a less favoured area in terms of land quality and therefore only a quick growing, hardy breed can thrive under such conditions. We are situated 8 miles west of the County town of Haverfordwest and 6 miles from Fishguard port. We are 15 miles from the historical city of St Davids and approximately 60 miles away from the M4. We are short driving distance from some of Pembrokeshire most famous attractions and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.